samedi 29 décembre 2012

What I got for Christmas

Christmas was so much fun this year. Everyone was so happy and in a festive mood. What I like most about Christmas is giving presents to my friends and family. 

This year, like almost every year, I asked for a new camera because my old Canon was broken. I have been looking online for the perfect camera for weeks. I've read so much about them and went to the store to try them out (which was not always possible). It finally came down to either the Canon S110 or the Sony HX20V.

I'm a Canon person. All my cameras are Canon and I never even look at the other brands. But this year I wanted to try something new. I was thinking about maybe getting the Nikon 1 J2 because I saw it in dark red... Yeah I'm also the type of person who buys stuff because they have pretty colours :) But then I read some bad reviews about the Nikon so I went back to the Canon or the Sony.

I finally made up my mind and got the Sony HX20V and ... it's BROWN and has leather!

I'm not going to get into the technical details otherwise this post will be forever long but look how beautiful it is... and did I mention it was brown and amazing?! I'm absolutely in love with it and very happy with my choice. The long hours of search were definitely worth it. It has a cute and funny option called "Smile". The camera detects when you're smiling and automatically takes a picture when you're smiling.

I feel like this Christmas' theme was "Cameras" because I didn't get one but TWO cameras (plus a necklace with a camera and a camera keychain)! This second camera is so cool, probably my favorite present this year! It's a Usb key/Camera!!! Equipped with a 2M pixel fine glass lens, 1280x1024 picture resolution and up to 16GB microSD capacity, you can take pictures AND make short videos! It's so tiny and so amazing.

I'm crazy about it. It's doesn't make any noise when you take a picture so it's the perfect Spy camera! Plus you can also use it as a Usb Key and not tell people it's a camera. I think it's pretty sweet and would definitely recommend this to everyone who loves small gadgets like these. My mother got it for me on Fab and there are different colours : pink, black, green and blue.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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