mardi 1 janvier 2013

Happy New Year

New Year means changes and I want and need changes in my life.

  • This might sound silly, but I want to try and make people happy. 
  • I spend way too much money on clothes, jewellery and accessories that I don't even use. I should think more before I buy. I should try and buy more things that I need and less things that I want. 
  • Sell or give the clothes that I do not wear!
  • I want to travel more. I'm always talking about traveling to Tokyo, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Shanghai, Bolivia etc. this year I hope I will go to one of these beautiful places.
  • Eat healthy, drink more water and do some sports... I say this every year though.
  • Finish what I'm doing. This is such a bad habit of mine.  
  • Make new projects
  • Spend more time with my family

I can't promise I will do all these things but I'd like to at least try. 2012 wasn't bad but let's hope 2013 will be better! 

2013 actually started off kind of rough. My friends and I had tickets to a party but we couldn't get in. We were left outside in the rain for two hours. They had closed the doors and wouldn't let anyone in! They ruined everybody's night. There were so many angry people in the streets and some fights broke out. It was crazy and scary. 
But I'm glad we got home safe and that everybody is okay. Now it's time for some changes...

Happy New Year :)

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